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My passion for film and video game music was sparked at a young age. Far before I even became a musician, or had any aspirations of entering the entertainment industry. The first movie (movies) to ignite this passion were the original "Star Wars" trilogy. "Yeah sure that's every film composers first influence how original" but the fact of the matter is John Williams crafted an absolute masterpiece. He captured the emotions in every scene perfectly. When that opening credit sequence pops up on screen this euphoria overtakes you and your immediately hooked. The hairs on the back of your neck stand up and your fully immersed and ready to join Luke, Han, and Leia on all their adventures. That kind of magical feeling is what I watch movies to experience and one that I aspire to create with my music. Its not to say " Hey look what I made, ain't it cool". No my goal is to lend my talents to serve the film and realize the directors vision. Its not only the film maker that's making the movie but the audience is making it without even knowing it. The anticipation of hearing a viewer say they felt that same euphoric feeling that I felt watching "Star Wars" as a young boy is the driving force for my own creativity. 

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